As schools break up for the end of the year, we in South Africa find ourselves surrounded by images of reindeers, snow, holly and poinsettias – representations of Christmas inspired by another hemisphere. The reality here in Cape Town is that we’re cruising towards the summer solstice, the south-east wind is pumping, and what should be OUR Christmas flower – South Africa’s indigenous Agapanthus – is blooming like crazy in gardens and on road verges.

Whether your holiday season is full of sun or snow, may it be a time of love, joy and connection. May you slow down, making time to notice, savour and give thanks for that which is precious in your life.

Agapanthus means ‘love flower’ – what a fitting South African Christmas flower

Time to come home | Our loved ones are precious. I recently came across a moving video
advert made in Germany in 2015. It reminds us not to wait until it’s too late to spend time
with our families, especially our elders.

Advice for the holidays | Do you have family members or friends visiting this holiday who don’t
know how to engage with a person living with dementia? Check out my Facebook
page for tips to help our loved ones feel safe, calm and loved this holiday.

Family workshops | The year-end holidays may be the only time in the year when the whole
family gets together. If you’re in Cape Town you’re welcome to book a family workshop
that will equip you to walk the dementia journey together with your loved one.

Enquire about courses in 2020 | ‘Transforming the Dementia Journey’ is a course that
helps us to understand dementia and support people living with brain changes. Our growing
community of participants keeps connected after the courses. We’d love you to join us next year!

For more on the services Dementia Connections offers, please visit this page.

Let’s work together in the coming year to build more dementia-compassionate communities!

Season’s greetings and warm wishes!

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Dementia Connections – What’s on offer?

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