It was such an inspiring day and both my colleague and I are incorporating what we have learned into working with our Health Care Residents and some of our mentally frail in the Court.

~ Michelle

The Workshop was great, and its impact on me will last for a long, long time as I will be sharing it with other people. I have also learnt that to be “present with Nature”, even if it’s for a few minutes, makes a big difference in one’s Soul and well-being. May you continue doing the great work. Thanks Alice.

~ Phaziza

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you; spending the day being guided towards connecting in the moment; and appreciating what is there. The day was like arriving at an oasis and drinking water from a fresh source. Thank you again!

~ Leonie

Thanks so much for your personal and beautiful story tonight. Even if they are not dealing with dementia, a few people said you have made them aware of different ways that they (myself included) can learn to behave differently, and step into the other person’s reality. One was thinking about her work with learning challenged children, or it works with our own teens or whatever. Thanks for opening our eyes to other caring possibilities, through your long tough journey.

Thanks for my little pebble with the heart in its core, how did you know I needed such a dear little reminder to cultivate and treasure those emotional connections? You have lovely sincere ways to explain the things that really matter! Thanks for a lovely thought provoking presentation.

~ Libby

A huge thank you for addressing our club this morning on a very sensitive issue. I noticed a few tears in the room. You shared some very valuable lessons.

~ Bridgett

Thank you so much for making a journey into an “event”.   Our trip there and back flew by as we chatted away.  It really was a delight to meet you and I look forward to hearing your talk again in May, it was such an inspiring talk and really makes one think on how we re-act to so many situations, not only in the dementia field.   I can honestly say your talk is life-changing.   Thank you again.

Thank you for the heart-focused breathing – it’s certainly something that I am going to try and pass it on as well.   Thanks again for a wonderful day.


I wanted to thank you for a really outstanding presentation, delivered with such passion and sensitivity, amongst the finest we have had, according to some of our longer standing members!

~ Derek

We loved meeting you and hearing your wise words, born of such direct and heart-warming experience.

~ Nick

Thank you for your lovely e-mail but it is I who wishes to thank you for the great presentation that you gave with such sincerity and feeling. It was a real pleasure having you with us and I might say it is not often that we adjourn to the Yacht Club to continue the conversation! I wish you well in your further travels down life’s road and let us know if you come past this way again, another session at the yacht club would be great!

~ Trevor

Went to say goodbye to a very good friend of my husband’s yesterday (in fact he was our best man), who is currently dying from Dementia. Your talk was very helpful, as he is not able to talk anymore, so I had a better idea of little things to talk about. We don’t know if he knew we were there but hope so.

~ workshop participant

On behalf of our President committee and members, thank you so much for you most interesting and professional talk on February 19th and your subsequent letter. This last Monday we had our monthly committee meeting at which I learned your talk went down exceptionally well and the content right on the button. I think the points you made were certainly well accepted and meaningful. I’m sorry I was not there to hear your talk myself.

~ workshop feedback

Once again, a HUGE thank you for coming all the way to Somerset West to speak to us. We really enjoyed having you and the feedback from members was very positive. I have passed on your details.

~ Darryl

Our sincere thanks for meeting and talking to us yesterday.

~ Verlen

Thank you so much for such an informative and emotive presentation.

~ Ruth

I wanted to tell you how much sense it made to me. What a wonderfully positive statement you make. It just emphasizes, yet again, how important it is to see things from another’s perspective, and to act accordingly.

~ Julie