Dementia Connections



Dementia Connections supports those who love and care for people living with dementia.

As an educator and life coach, I established Dementia Connections in memory of my mother, Elizabeth, who lived with dementia for about 15 years.



On my Blog and Facebook page, I share inspiration and information on the many ways in which we can keep our loved ones with dementia connected to life, love and meaning:

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My offerings include:

  • informative presentations
  • supportive individual and small-group coaching sessions
  • empowering workshops and training sessions
  • relaxing nature connection experiences
  • inspiring and encouraging posts on my Facebook page and blog.

18.12.2017 - 3

Of loss and love: Journeying with a loved one living with dementia

Book an inspiring presentation that will shift your understanding of the dementia journey.

Transforming the dementia journey <<< click here to find out more!

Join me for a coaching or workshop series in which we share experiences, information and skills that help to transform dementia from a journey of loss into a journey of love.

18.12.2017 - 4

Nurtured by Nature: A role for nature in dementia care

Book a presentation on the role that Nature plays in improving the lives of people with dementia.

If you are caring for someone with dementia, join me for a stress-relieving experience in Nature. Learn how you can share the healing power of Nature with those you care for.