Building solutions

I work with an approach to life coaching called Solution Focused Brief Coaching, which focuses on building solutions rather than on solving problems. Many coaching approaches use a problem-solving model, but research is showing that focusing on problems drains our energy. It’s much more efficient and effective to take a solution-focused approach. And this is where the ‘brief’ part of the title comes in … building solutions takes less time and is more motivating than solving problems!

Of course people do have problems they want to overcome – after all, that’s usually why we sign up with a coach. But we don’t wallow in the problems. Instead, we develop an inspiring picture of what you are hoping for, imagine what it will be like once you are in this state, and identify practical steps and resources to support you.

This approach is so motivating and effective that I hear clients say, “I feel like I’ve just jumped right over my problem! It’s not looming large anymore.

Watch the video

This short video from Atom-Wave introduces the SFBC approach: