Nature is good for you!

A growing body of research confirms what we intuitively know: Nature is good for us! My PhD investigated how a wide range of teenagers in the City of Cape Town related to Nature. More than 90% of the young people surveyed felt positive about Nature. Teens – and I suspect people of all ages – value spending time in Nature.

Studies show that spending time in Nature lifts depression, improves energy levels and boosts overall well-being. Levels of the stress hormone cortisol decrease while walking in forests, reducing stress and hostility, and improving sleep and vigour.

Physical and mental health conditions that respond positively to ‘Nature therapy’ include ADHD, dementia, depression, cognitive stress, heart conditions, obesity, PTSD, stroke, and rehabilitation after hospitalisation.

Cape Town has a network of parks, gardens, beaches and nature reserves where we can play, heal and be inspired. I can think of no better city in which to pursue my passion of connecting people with Nature.

Nature connection experiences

I offer custom-designed Nature experiences for individuals and small groups of all ages in gardens and natural areas of Cape Town. These programmes encourage participants to spend unhurried time in Nature, sharpening our senses so that we may observe and respond to that which draws our attention.

Nature Education

From the time I started teaching Biology in 1985, I have loved sharing my fascination for Nature with children, youth and adults. I am a naturalist with extensive experience of developing educational programmes and materials that encourage exploration, observation, a sense of wonder, and caring for Nature.

I can both offer and help you design nature-based education programmes for all ages.

Team processes in Nature

Team-building doesn’t have to be rowdy or competitive. I offer quieter experiences for small teams that encourage you to connect with, appreciate, and learn from Nature and one another.