Manage exam nerves and improve results

Do you get so nervous during exams that you can’t remember what you studied? Does your mind go blank when you start to read the question paper?

It is natural to experience a certain amount of anxiety when sitting an exam. Within limits, stress motivates us to prepare and sharpens our attention. But when anxiety gets out of control, it compromises our memory and our ability to think clearly and creatively. No matter how hard we have studied, we just can’t give of our best.

Calming Exam Anxiety is a programme of five small-group coaching sessions that helps students to overcome exam nerves. Students learn stress management techniques, and develop better study and exam-writing skills so that they can take exams in their stride. The course structure allows for regular practice, observation and reflection, which are essential for establishing more helpful habits.

The course of five two-hour workshops is offered for three or four students at a time.