fish eagles

the same wind

Pat and I are privileged to live on a canal that leads into Zandvlei, an estuary in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. I was out paddling on Tuesday, and my relationship to the wind that day gave me some insights into how I choose to relate to life more broadly.

fish eagles

the same wind

it is the same wind
that sends me drifting,
paddling effortlessly
past the red-sailed sonnet
over the rippled surface
towards the fish eagle roost

it is the same wind
from which I retreat,
sheltering irritably
behind a clump of sedges
to sip my morning coffee
in company of warblers

it is the same wind
that tosses water,
splashing boisterously
over the bow – I strain
against its strong resistance
towards the shore, and home

it was the same wind …
yet I responded by
judging differently
in those few instances;
what might wind reveal to me
if I just stopped resisting?




Lemniscate was created from leaves on the forest floor during a land art hike on the Garden Route of the southern Cape, South Africa in August 2013. This is one of my favourite symbols of life’s ongoing, regenerative cycles of change.

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my very first post

I know that nature does my heart good, but despite this I often find that days go by without me making time to connect with nature. So this month I’ve made myself a promise … to spend time in nature each week and to record my experiences in words and pictures. I plan to post my musings on this blog, and to learn more about blogging in the process.

Nature doesn’t have to be far away … this poem was inspired by a bed of Nasturtiums just outside our back door …


A gaudy tumble of red-orange-yellow
full-throated nasturtiums
has been demanding my attention
these spring-into-summer weeks.

Today I settle down to listen …

Warm, sociable, optimistic – they reach out,
dive through my gaze,
deep into my belly.

And there they leap like flames,
consuming and transmuting
leftover winter dullness
into full-blown gladness.

A bank of leaves, like verdant satellite dishes,
tracks and collects source energy.

Then, abracadabra! The alchemy of light-working
transmutes the shower of sunlight
into grounded, skyward-turning
expressions of exuberance.

The flowers of the field
are joy made visible.

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