Caring for Dementia Carers

Has your loved one been diagnosed with dementia? As their carer, are you battling to come to terms with the diagnosis? Does their condition raise fears about your own future?

My mother, Elizabeth, passed away in January 2016 after living with dementia for about 15 years. I know how devastating it can be when someone who has known you all your life forgets who you are; when the person who once did everything for you becomes entirely dependent on others.

Surprisingly though, our family also discovered that dementia brings with it some unexpected blessings.

In honour of Elizabeth’s memory, I am offering life coaching support to those whose loved ones are living with dementia. Whether you need a listening ear, encouragement, or someone to bounce ideas off, I am here to help. I offer you a compassionate space in which to be heard, techniques to help you shift from anxiety to calm, and some personal stories of hope.

In memory of Elizabeth Mildmay Ashwell (15 May 1927 – 17 January 2016)