Introducing Heart of Nature

My personal and professional journeys have shaped my particular approach to coaching, which integrates three strands:

As a child, I grew up at the bottom of the garden. Nature has always felt like home to me, a place where I can play, retreat, restore, rejoice. During my PhD studies, I investigated how teenagers in Cape Town felt about Nature … and found to my delight that a resonance with Nature is part of our experience of being human, no matter what age we are.

I know that Nature heals – so facilitating Nature experiences is one of the strands of my work.

After obtaining an Honours Degree in Biochemistry and working at the University of Cape Town, I taught high school Biology for a few years. I’m fascinated by what science has uncovered about the mysteries of life. I’m even more excited to see the growing congruence between recent scientific discoveries and ancient spiritual teachings.

I use HeartMath as a basis for coaching. It satisfies the scientist in me, as well as my love of metaphor. Seeing the qualities we associate with the heart in language being confirmed by physiological research appeals to my love of integration.

My twin passions – Nature and education – led me to a 25 year career in environmental education. After working as an education officer at Treasure Beach in Durban, I obtained my Masters in Environmental Education, and then worked at Kirstenbosch Gardens as head of education. In 1999 I started my own business, EnviroEds, and developed and evaluated numerous education programmes and teaching materials focusing on environmental care.

Working in the environmental sector, one is constantly trying to solve what appear to be intractable problems. After 25 issue-focused years, I felt burned out. My search for a new career led me to Solution-focused Brief Coaching. Its positive approach has helped me to develop a more hopeful and resilient approach to life. This forms the third strand of my work.