soul expression

This Saturday was another delicious day at Silvermine. The slopes shone with sunshine cone-bushes, but it was a tiny yellow bulbine that held my attention. Growing amongst sandstone shards on top of a rock, this fragile little plant was defying the challenges of its harsh surroundings. With scarcely any soil to grow in, and only one chubby little leaf, the flower stalk held aloft two star-like blooms and a fistful of bulging buds. The message was clear – you don’t have to wait for the luxury of deep fertile soil to live your life’s purpose!

sunshine conebushes

Soul expression

Quartzite rocks
slough off sharp sheets
like onion peels
that make us cry.
Fire and ice –
snap, crackle, pop –
shards become flakes,
creating soil.

Seeds are dropped
amongst the stones;
plants germinate
upon the rock.
Out of these
harsh elements
life conjures up

Whether seen
by humankind
or visited
by bee – or not,
true to self
the plant displays
the form that is
its destiny.

Do not wait,
life says to us,
for perfection
before you start.
Know your truth,
flesh out your soul,
live the fullness
of who you are.



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  1. lyndup@gmail.com
    lyndup@gmail.com says:

    Hi Al
    Gosh this is SUCH beautiful and inspirational work!! You have such a remarkable gift to touch the essence of living by paralleling it with nature – not many can see what you see.. Or make the links that you do! I love the part about not waiting for the luxury of deep fertile soils to live one’s purpose. Much love, L xx


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