autumn paradox

It is the time of the autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere. Observing nature this week, I realised how my concept of autumn has been shaped more by cultural images than by the reality of my surroundings. So often we trust our assumptions more than our senses!


The oaks have started rusting –
goldening their summer green.
Leaves announcing autumn
empty themselves of nourishment
in this season of shedding.

But wait – look again:
this is not the sum of the season.
Cabbage tree tells a different tale,
crowned in a golden explosion
of new leaves emerging.

 Here in the south
autumn contains spring:
the softness of a plectranthus haze,
amaryllis bulbs breaking through
to flower their hearts out.

Shedding and emerging –
two gestures inter-being.
We too can dance this paradox
as dark and light find balance
at the autumn equinox.


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  1. Marion
    Marion says:

    Celebrated equinox in Kirstenbosch, feeling enchanted by the depth of display, and the absolute privilege of place. Being on the lawn in late afternoon rays with guinea fowl and chicks co-mingling with the concert goers (and a mongoose to boot), while listening to glorious voices singing their hearts out at Carmin Burana, was utterly magnificent.

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    You really do speak from the heart. Thank you.
    Your previous blog ‘A child until seven” resonated with me to the extent that I cried. At the age of 59, I am only now starting to understand my father’s hardships and how they have moulded me.


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