Alice Ashwell

Alice Ashwell | PhD

Welcome to the website of Heart of Nature and Dementia Connections.

My name is Alice Ashwell and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I am an educator, facilitator and life coach. Find out more about my professional journey and the services I offer on my Heart of Nature and Dementia Connections pages.

Heart of Nature is a coaching practice that integrates calming practices, a solution-focused approach and experiences in Nature. In addition to general life coaching, I offer Calming Exam Anxiety, a programme that helps students cope better with tests and exams.

Dementia Connections provides education and coaching support for those who love and care for people living with dementia. I established the practice in memory of my mother, Elizabeth, who lived with dementia for about 15 years.

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I am so thankful for the time we spent together yesterday. Your wisdom and kindness have been an inspiration to me and I have learned so much through our sessions.

If the whole world can learn what we’ve learnt in this workshop programme, we can all live in a happy and healthy environment. From now on, believe me, I am the ambassador of environment.

Again thank you so much for the insights and energy of today’s meeting! You do have a natural ability for guiding and I’m very glad for these meetings.

Your session was immensely helpful and supportive, having someone to say ‘it is ok ‘ is really what I need right now. Thanks so much for being so giving of your time and for your kind words.

Thank you for a wonderful burying and re-emerging experience in Nature. We hope that you will be able to awaken in many more people the lively awareness of nature in all its forms and the wonderful pleasure to be found when surrendering oneself to the peace and process of the natural rhythms which envelop us when we let go.

Thank you for opening the HeartMath doors for me. I enjoyed our first session, it was safe but reflective.

Thank you Alice for the most special and beautiful morning yesterday with you and my team … made possible by your gentle holding presence, your quiet wisdom, the activities you guided us through, your lightness of being and sense of humour, and your own deep connection with nature which is inspirational and aspirational.

I am more confident now and have hope for the exam. I am no longer scared to the point where I become anxious. When I was in a situation where I could not remember what I had studied and I was very anxious, I started breathing and I calmed down. And I could remember the work again.

All the sessions were very helpful. I never knew that such a simple thing as a breathing exercise could feel so good and have a positive impact in my life. Thank you so much.